The first look consists of the placket top and cuff skirt. This shirt removes the stiff darts and shaping of a traditional button down and is cropped for a much more carefree and feminine look. The shirt buttons are emphasized as they are much larger and the focal point of the top as well as extending them all the way up the straps to the back. The cuff skirt is inspired by the patterns used to create a cuffed shirt sleeve, the shape of the cuff is mimicked in the cotton striped shirt fabric

The second look is inspired by fabrics and prints often used on button downs. The lattice sides are a take on traditional plaids, shifted slightly and emphasized by weaving individual fabric strips. The neckline and straps are somewhat angular paying homage to the stiffness of traditional collared shirts and contrast the shift shape of the dress, but made softer to fit the feel of the collection.

The final look takes the sleeve emphasis and the theme of deconstructing structure to an even more extreme level. Inspired by the idea of a girl wearing her boyfriend’s button down as a dress, this piece exaggerates the oversized look in all directions. The sleeves are extended to the ground creating a dress that can be worn multiple ways for different occasions, and truly embodies the ideas behind the collection.

Shift is a three piece collection designed around the concept of reinventing the button down shirt. Each garment focuses on reimaging a different aspect of a traditional men’s button-down through a more feminine and casual lens. Shift embodies a new way of thinking about a classic wardrobe staple. 


Photographed by Alyssa Saunders

Modeled by Destini Gibbs