Relaunch of the iconic Calvin Klein CK1 sub brand. The largest launch in over a decade that tied fragrance, jeans and underwear together in a single campaign. Collection development was in works for over a year and strongly influenced by the creative direction of Raf Simons. Inspired by a new generation of rebellious youth and underground music culture, the rejection of traditional gender, and "throwing away the box" to really look at underwear in a new way. This launch included a line of core basics, a strong color and print story, and a variety of fashion capsules. 

Photographed by company hired photographers 


Celebrity Talent :


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CK1 Basics

Selection of launch colorways and key prints for the new core offering

blk ck1w.png
ck1 tl w.png
ck1 nvy w.png
ck1 bge w.png
ck1 pk w.png
black ck1m.png
ck1 teal m.png
ck1 nvy m.png
ck1 bg m.png
ck1 pnk m.png
CK One Bodies_1_25_Cotton-1.png
CK One Bodies_5_25_Micro-3.png
CK One Bodies_4_25_Cotton-3.png
CK One Bodies_4_25_Micro-5.png
CK One Bodies_3_25 Micro-2.png
CK One Bodies_5_25_Cotton-3.png
CK One Bodies_3_25 Micro-3.png
CK One Bodies_4_25_Micro-2.png
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Days of the Week

7pk featuring the CK1 Cotton repeat logo waistband with the days of the week jacquard into the design as well. Offered in two styles in black only with pop color waistbands. Dual gender offering.

days of the week-01.png
days of the week-02.png
days of the week-03.png
days of the week-04.png
days of the week packaging.png
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Sock Waistband

Drawing from the iconic double stripe of tube socks and the classic rib texture, an innovative waistband that captures the spirt of youth and comfort. Accented with a classic CK patch as well as binding and seaming details. Dual gender offering in both cotton and micro.

sock combined selection-01.png
sock combined selection-03.png
sock combined selection-02.png
sock combined selection-04.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 5.52.02 PM.png

Cheeky vintage sport inspired collection of heritage fly styles with binding and cotton mesh fabrication. Designed with both genders in mind, but sold in the men's space. Toeing the line of underwear as outerwear and exploring new shapes outside of Calvins usual blocks, this collections pushed the boudries of Calvin Klein, was well received and re-colors for Pride.

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A group born out of a larger effort to reduce harmful environmental impact and explore more sustainable raw materials. Fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and was developed to mimic the elevated hand feel the consumer expects from a Calvin Klein product. Waistband is also created from sustainable qualities and garments were sold in recycled cardboard packages. Dual Gender offering that continues to run and be re-colored as a core program.

recyceld combined edit-02.png
recyceld combined edit-01.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 5.37.37 PM.png

Limited Edition drop capsule collection. CK1 basic styles with rock show inspired graphic prints. Printing over the finalized garment to give an almost hand-make punk rock feel, that became a staple of Calvin Klein fashion drops under Raf Simons. Offered in both cotton and micro for both Genders

LTE assortment-03.png
LTE assortment-02.png
LTE assortment-01.png
LTE assortment-06.png
LTE assortment-07.png
LTE assortment-08.png
LTE assortment-04.png
LTE assortment-05.png
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