Barbara L. Kuhlman Scholorship Piece



My Khulman piece explores the question of what really makes a person who they are. Inspired by the Chuck Palahniuk quote “Nothing of me is original, I am the combined effort of everyone I have ever known” I began to think of the important people and events in my life that have shaped both the person I have become and the face I show to the world. This piece embodies both the person we want the world to see us as, as well as the individual parts of a person’s history really make them who they are.


The shape and color palate is inspired by images of memories forming inside the human brain and the engravings are the stories from my own life that I feel have shaped who I am today. I was also by both the scientific and emotional explanations for how humans form their personality. The psychological debate of nature vs. nurture is captured in this piece through the both the colors of the memory strips as well as the way the stories are presented on them. The green symbolizes life events that I felt I involved inherent characteristics that I was born with, while the blue represents events where others permanently influenced me. Stories carved into the leather indicated that the event was more negative while cut out letters spell out positive life experience. In some cases both methods are used for one story further exemplifying that we never really know how events will impact us and in what way.


The overall piece is meant to appear beautiful from afar and hold a deeper meaning as the viewer gets closer to it, similar to the way we view others, and attempt to hide our flaws from the world. It is my hope that the viewer connects to the personal nature of piece and stops to reflect on their own life experiences, both positive and negative, and consider how events have shaped both their inner and outer personalities.  

Malia Mills Window Displays


Hand painted vintage swimwear inspired by drip paintings and the work of Jackson Pollok and Seb Farrington commissioned for swimwear designer Malia Mills and displayed in store windows in New York and California for the summer 2013.  

Digital Printed Swimsuit

Created for a class on technology in fashion, the print for this swimsuit was created by distorting an origional photography of fairy lights in Photoshop. The image was then digitally printed onto a sport Lycra. The silhouette of this peice was inspired by the asymmetry of the print, and the placement of both the cutouts as well as the print itself are configured so that the garment looks different from all angles.